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About Psychotherapy

Psychosynthesis is a Psychospiritual approach. Whilst acknowledging the pain and difficulties you experience, the broader vision is held that the soul is seeking expression through your symptoms. What troubles you therefore becomes the working material for psychological growth and personal fulfilment.

Psychosynthesis is a depth psychology. All experience, from the beginning of life, plays a role in the development and functioning of your personality, often unconsciously. From early childhood humans learn to adapt to their environment, often at cost to more creative, vulnerable and unique aspects of the Self. Learning how you have been limited in your potential and wellbeing through past conditioning enables the development of new, fulfilling ways of being.

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy aims to identify distress within the personality, and to work towards the integration of all aspects of the person, some of which have become wounded or distorted.

The process is one towards Self-realisation.

Psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy can:

  • enable us to realise our potential for growth;
  • help us learn how we have been limited in our potential and wellbeing through our past conditioning;
  • help us own the more difficult aspects of ourselves in order that we can stop projecting them out on to other people or circumstances;
  • help to improve our relationships with others;
  • allow us to recognise that it is often out of crisis and suffering that positive transformation is made possible;
  • help us to make sense of feelings of separation, loss or prolonged grief;
  • teach us to access the inner strength than enables us to take the risks that encourage growth and change in our lives;
  • help us heal our feelings of inadequacy and/or powerlessness;
  • help us find meaning and purpose in our lives, and to enable us to develop the qualities we need to maximise our potential as creative, evolving spiritual beings;
  • provide important support through a crises of identity caused by religious or spiritual experiences.

    Who is it for
    I am experienced in working with both women and men of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and sexualities, drawing from a range of approaches and perspectives.

    All enquiries are treated in strictest confidence

    07949 612504

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